Atlanta Track Club's AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill Pro 200 is open for use by all Atlanta Track Club members and the general public. We are the only local facility, outside of the Atlanta Hawks, to have this treadmill.

Alter G

The Alter-G is a treadmill designed for NASA, that allows astronauts to return from space and gradually adapt to gravity over time. For runners, this machine serves two purposes. It is primarily used for athletes with injuries. It can also be used to prevent injuries by lessening impact for those athletes that tend to get hurt easily.

During injury, the Alter-G allows athletes to continue to workout the muscles used for running during most injuries. Athletes can reduce their body weight to minimize the stress and impact on their legs. The training is more specific to the sport than cross training, and it keeps the body loose, so they are less likely to get another injury when they return to outside training.

The Alter-G can also serve as supplemental training for injury-prone athletes. They can get extra mileage, without the impact. This allows them to stay healthy and continue to train and race.

Atlanta Track Club is making our AlterG treadmill available to members and to the local running community for rental with a consultation from our coaches or a doctor referral. Please see below for current rate information:

  • Atlanta Track Club Members Only - can select a $30/one (1) hour session, or value session package at $120 for five (5) hours
    • Members must have valid membership through 12/31/2017
  • Non-Members can select a $40/one (1) hour session or session package at $200 for five (5) hours
    • Note: session packages for both Members and non-members can be used in one or more 30-minute segments on each visit

· Please purchase the session plan that best suits your needs here and if you want to become a member, please join today!

· AlterG shorts are required. You can purchase or rent shorts from Atlanta Track Club here or purchase directly from AlterG.

· After purchasing your session(s) and shorts, you will be sent a link to schedule your time on the AlterG (please allow one business day to recieve link)

· Atlanta Track Club will have staff on hand to walk through basic operating instructions but please recognize we are not a healthcare clinic and will not prescribe a workout.

If you have questions, please email us at: