Publix Atlanta Marathon Weekend CREW CHIEF DOCUMENTS

Publix Atlanta Marathon Weekend - Crew Chief Landing Page - CONFIDENTIAL

This page is dedicated to the crew chiefs that lead the way at the Publix Atlanta Marathon Weekend event! Here you will find all the necessary documents for your job, including the crew chief roster, volunteer management instructions, and maps! Thank you all for your commitment and enthusiasm. Please do not share this link publicly due to the attached personal information, but feel free to pass along any of the appropriate links you may need to your volunteers!

Documents for All Crew Chiefs

General Information

General Schedule of Events - Coming Soon!

Crew Chief Meeting Presentation

Crew Chief Roster

Volunteer Code of Conduct and Atlanta Track Club Harassment Policy Instructions

Tips for a Successful Course Monitor


Documents for specific Areas:

Expo Maps

Home Depot Backyard Maps:

Publix Atlanta Kids Marathon

Publix Atlanta Marathon

Publix Atlanta Kids Marathon Info

Parking Passes

Parking Map

Expo Parking Pass - Friday

Home Depot Backyard & PAKM Parking Pass - Saturday

Mercedez Benz (MB) or M Lot - Publix Atlanta Marathon (Sunday)

Full Course Maps:

Publix Atlanta Kids Marathon

Publix Atlanta Kids Marathon - Start/Finish

Publix Atlanta Marathon

Publix Atlanta Marathon - Start/Finish

Publix Atlanta Marathon 5K Course Monitor Map

Publix Atlanta Marathon 3K Course Monitor Map

Hydration Station & Food Station Maps:

Hydration Station 1 - Hydration Station 2

Hydration Station 3 & Food Station 1 - Hydration Station 4

Hydration Station 5 & Food Station 2 - Hydration Station 6

Hydration Station 7 - Hydration Station 8 & Food Station 3

Hydration Station 9 & Food Station 4 - Hydration Station 10

Hydration Station 11 & Food Station 5 - Hydration Station 12

Hydration Station 13

Course Monitor Maps:

Zone 1 - Zone 2

Zone 3 - Zone 4

Zone 5 - Zone 6

Zone 7 - Zone 8

Zone 9 - Zone 10

Zone 11 - Zone 12

Zone 13 - Zone 14

Zone 15 - Zone 16

Zone 17


Course volunteers can enter the "Best Course Sign Competition" by creating the most festive and/or fun encouraging signs for participants and submitting a photo via Instagram or Facebook using #AtlantaMarathonSigns . We will repost the photos of your signs on our social media after race day and the public will vote on their favorite!
The top 3 Winners will receive $50 Adidas gift card. Be sure to follow us on Instagram at @atlantatrackclub, and like our Facebook page to see the top sign submissions.


We'd love to see voluneer photos! Please use the hashtag #ATLMarathon and show us how your party's going throughout the day! Additionally, send an email with a few pictures to .

Important Upcoming Dates:

Date Subject Time Notes
12/27 Early Volunteer Registration Opens
12/29 General Volunteer Registration Opens
1/31 Release all locked positions except HAM, medical
2/6 1st round of Crew Chief Introductory Emails sent to volunteers
2/7 Crew Chief Web Page is available 5:00 PM
2/8 Crew Chief Meeting at ATC 6:30pm - 8:00pm Click Here to RSVP
2/9 Course Crew Chiefs submit parking/meeting locations Click Here to submit
2/9 Submit Appreciation Shirt Requests Click Here to submit
2/13 Virtual Crew Chief Meeting for those unable to attend in-person 7:00pm - 8:00pm Zoom Link:
2/13 2nd round of Crew Chief Introductory Emails sent to volunteers
2/15 Pace Team Meeting 6:30pm - 7:40pm Led by Carol G. Susan J. and Chrystal A. -
2/20 General Email from Volunteer Manager to all registered volunteers
2/22 Volunteer Registration Closes 6:00 AM
2/22 Last Crew Chief Introductory Emails sent to volunteers
2/23 Crew Chief Pick-ups (ATC) 8:00am - 4:00pm
2/23 Expo - Day 1 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
2/24 Crew Chief Pick-ups (ATC) 8:00am - 5:00pm
2/24 Expo - Day 2 9:00am - 6:00pm
2/24 Race Day 1 - PAKM & 5K
2/25 Race Day 2 - Half & Full Marathon
3/14 Crew Chief Party - Main Event Gaming Social 6:00pm - 8:00pm Invite Coming Soon!

Atlanta Track Club Staff Information 

Expo Race Number Pickup & Will Call 

Expo Manager & Membership Manager - Rachel Schrensky

Registration Manager - Veronica Veronica Armendiariz -

Course (Monitors, Hydration , Vehicles, Cones & Communications) 

Senior Manager of Course Operations - Brantley Sherrer -

Events Manager - Eric Nelson -

Hydration, Water & Warehouse - Joey Epperson -

Start Area 

Senior Events Manager Enrique Tomas -

Finish Area

Events Manager - Julia Manseau- Toth -

Volunteer Check-In & Guides 

Senior Manager of Community Engagement - Kristin Lide -

Volunteer Coordinator - DeAndra Greer -

General Volunteer Department -