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April 2017 - Craig Sprinkle

Congratulations and thank you to Craig Sprinkle, our April 2017 Volunteer of the Month!  Although Craig has only been volunteering with us since the 2016 AJC Peachtree Road Race, he has made significant contributions to our events.  He’s become a “regular” at the Club and has taken on volunteer leadership roles in our events, big and small.  He’s is a pleasure to work with and has made lots of friends along the way.

  1.  What was your first time volunteering with Atlanta Track Club? What brought you back again?

The start line of the AJC Peachtree Road Race of 2016 was my first time. I keep coming back because I enjoy working with the other volunteers and supporting the running community of Atlanta and north Georgia.

  1. What is your favorite Atlanta Track Club event?

Volunteer of the MonthI guess my favorite so far is Peachtree. Really awesome to see over 60,000 participants begin the run down Peachtree Road.  Plus seeing the complex but smooth organization of more than 3,000 other volunteers was very impressive.

  1. What is one of your best memories from volunteering at any race?

I was able to talk to a bunch of runners near the end of the 2017 Publix Marathon and Half Marathon and, although they were struggling to finish, they all were appreciative of Atlanta Track Club’s efforts to host and manage the race.

  1. What is your favorite thing about volunteering with Atlanta Track Club?

I enjoy coming out to participate in well-organized running events, whether big or small.  Atlanta Track Club volunteers are also runners or former runners and are eager to support/cheer on the race participants. Being part of the team “behind the scenes” is very satisfying.

  1. Do you have a favorite volunteer assignment? If so, explain.

I’ve had the chance to do a variety of jobs and all are fun. My favorite so far is start line at Peachtree because I got to help raise the big flag over the start line. That was great!

  1. What other organizations do you volunteer for and why?

I’ve been a volunteer for Trees Atlanta for 7 years because I really want to have trees survive in the urban environment. One of the main reasons I live in Atlanta is because of the many and beautiful trees and parks all around the city.

  1. How many Atlanta Track Club events do you typically volunteer at during the year? How many events outside of Atlanta Track Club?

I’ve done 14 since Peachtree last July, so I’ll probably average about 15 a year.

For Trees Atlanta, I average about 45 events per year.

  1. What do you do for a living?  Are you retired? Professional volunteer?

I retired in 2016 from a career as an environmental professional. I worked for state and federal governments for 14 years as a hydrologist, then worked 29 years working for engineering consulting companies doing studies and cleanups of solid and hazardous waste sites, and petroleum releases.

  1. Tell us something interesting about yourself – an interesting fact or story that will help us get to know you…

Although I played trumpet through high school, college, and the Army, I put it in storage in 1972 and stopped playing. Once retired I wanted to play again, so in 2016 I began to practice and have since joined the Southern Winds Concert Band. If anyone is an over-50 wind instrument player or percussionist that wants to join a good band, please contact me!!

  1. Tell us where you lived before moving to Atlanta, and what you like about living in Atlanta…

I’ve lived in multiple towns and cities, including Gainesville, FL, Tucson, AZ, Los Angeles, and Nashville. I moved from McLean, VA, to Atlanta in 1986. I’ve liked living in Atlanta because it is a beautiful city (lots of greenery!), and has a climate that I like. The traffic is difficult but no worse than Washington DC or LA.  And the people are a lot friendlier!!


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