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September 2016 - Ann Bentsen


Congratulations to Ann Bentsen, our September Volunteer of the Month!  Ann has been volunteering with us for more than 23 years.  This All-Star Volunteer retired in 2004 and has never looked back because of her love of giving back. Thank you Ann for your tireless energy and love for Atlanta Track Club!


1. Do you remember your first time volunteering with Atlanta Track Club?  If so, what event was it and what brought you back again?Volunteer of the Month

The first event was the Thanksgiving Marathon.  I continued to volunteer because I liked the volunteers and the runners were so appreciative.

2. What is your favorite Atlanta Track Club event? Why?

My favorite event is Atlanta’s Finest 5K.  I volunteered at the first such race.  As a new event, it was somewhat chaotic since the Atlanta Police Department Foundation had a lot to set up.  I was amazed at the patience of the police men and women when things were so confused.  It gave me a lot of confidence in the police. I have enjoyed seeing it evolve to what it is today.  (Note that under her Atlanta Botanical Garden apron, Ann is wearing her 2005 Atlanta’s Finest 5K Volunteer Shirt!)

3. What is your favorite thing about volunteering with Atlanta Track Club?

The Club really knows how to treat volunteers.  I have always felt very appreciated and valued.   

4. Do you have a preferred volunteer assignment?

I like to do volunteer check-in because I am done early in the morning and it is a way to meet some of the other volunteers.

5. Do you do any volunteering in the community beyond Atlanta Track Club? 

I volunteer for the High Museum and the Atlanta Botanical Garden.  Both have wonderful, interesting exhibits, and the volunteers are great.  I meet very interesting visitors at both.  I also usher at the Symphony and the Cobb Energy Theatre for the chance to see many events for free.

6. How many Atlanta Track Club events do you typically volunteer at during the year?

I do at least 10 per year since I like being part of the All-Star group.

7. Tell us something interesting about yourself – an interesting fact or story that will help us get to know you…

When I retired in 2004 I immediately volunteered at the Atlanta Botanical Garden because I love to garden.  I never missed working even one day after I started there!  I am always happy to be there.


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