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Run the AJC Peachtree Road Race to support Kilometer Kids Youth Running Program

Each year, Atlanta Track Club has a limited number of AJC Peachtree Road Race entries available to benefit Kilometer Kids. Registering for a Kilometer Kids Charity Race Number allows you to skip the lottery and gain automatic entry into the AJC Peachtree Road Race. Entry is $150. $115 of that fee is tax deductible. Your donation covers one year of running for a child in the state of Georgia.

Kilometer Kids

Atlanta Track Club's Kilometer Kids is a free, incentive-based running program designed to get kids (ages 7 to 14) in the community active! The mission of Kilometer Kids is to promote a healthy and active lifestyle to area youth through a running-based program, empowering children with the knowledge they need to make smart lifestyle choices.

The program launched in 2007 with one location serving 38 kids. Kilometer Kids has grown significantly and now impacts more than 8,000 children each year in the Atlanta region and beyond. The program is funded by Atlanta Track Club, private donations, grants and community partners.  Kilometer Kids is an official charity of the AJC Peachtree Road Race.

To learn more about the program, or how to get involved, contact us.

Spring 2017 Program Information

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Your donation to Kilometer Kids keeps kids healthy and active throughout the year and helps us provide exciting incentives and keep our programs free. 

Start A Program

Whether you are a school teacher looking to start an after-school program or a parent who wants to run with your child in the neighborhood, the free, 11-week program is a great way to get started! A few of the program features include:

  • Free access to curriculum, including running game ideas and mileage tracking tools
  • Incentive items at end of program to all participants who reach their mileage goals
  • Flexibility - parents, teachers and site coordinators can begin the program in the Fall or Spring
  • Opportunity to participate in free, mid-week fun runs and other youth running events organized by Atlanta Track Club

Our Goal

Kilometer Kids seeks to create lifelong runners, instilling in participants the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle. Through the program, kids learn that exercise is a fun and rewarding activity, opening the door for physical activity to become a lifelong habit.

To learn more about the program, or how to get involved:

Contact us 


  • Kilometer Kids is a great way to engage children in a healthy, fun, non-competitive lifelong activity
  • Atlanta Track Club provides the infrastructure necessary to help you implement a youth running program 
  • Kilometer Kids can be implemented by parents, school administrators and teachers and can be held before or after school, on school grounds or in neighborhood parks 
  • Kilometer Kids is a FREE 11-week incentive-based youth running program, fully supported by Atlanta Track Club

Program Format

  • Marathon-based running program: Children are encouraged to run 26.2 miles in small increments over time and record their progress on our Running Log cards.  We encourage the participants to run together at our Peachtree Junior 3K for the spring program or the Thanksgiving Day 5K for the fall program.
  • Curriculum-based running program: Atlanta Track Club will provide resources for you to promote the program and a coach’s kit to facilitate 11 weeks of practices.
    • Children meet twice per week with volunteer  “coaches” who guide them through pre-planned lessons
    • Lessons incorporate running-related games, drills and stretches
    • Incentives provided at 10 miles, 15, 20 and 26.2 milestones
    • Your school recruits volunteer coaches, (ratio 1 coach: 15 kids). No experience necessary!
    • School provides indoor Gym space or outdoor grass field, vacant parking lots to hold practice


  • Easy to administer, children track miles on their own or with coaches/parents on our Running Log cards
  • Goal focused, can provide incentives at end of program for mile 10, 15, 20 and to complete “marathon” distance (26.2 miles)
  • No cost
  • Support, consulting and site visits by Atlanta Track Club staff
  • Coaches receive T-shirts to lead Kilometer Kids program

Program Benefits          

  • Ripple effect of healthy lifestyles for parents, schools, volunteers delivering the program
  • Children form a “team” mentality
  • Multi-age participation
  • Multi-skill level participation
  • Increase parental involvement: (volunteer coaches, participating in activity or at home virtually logging miles)

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the KILOMETER KIDS program begin and end?

  • The Fall program begins on or about the first or second week of September and ends Thanksgiving Day in November. 
  • The Spring session will begin on or about the last week of February or first week of March and will end at the Peachtree Jr. 3K in May.

How often should KILOMETER KIDS sessions be held?

  • In order for kids to achieve their mileage goals, the suggested schedule is two 60 minute sessions per week for 11 weeks.
  • Kids will need to “average” 1.25 miles per session.

Who can participate in the KILOMETER KIDS Program, and is there a limit on how many kids can take part in the program?

  • All kids ages 7-14 can participate in the KILOMETER KIDS program
  • It is recommended we have at least 1 coach/supervisor per 15-20 kids.

Who supervises the program?

  • Individual KILOMETER KIDS sites are responsible for providing volunteer program supervisors or any supervisor compensation. 
  • Two adults are required to supervise programs with more than 15 participants.  Programs with 15+ kids should plan on having one adult for every 15 kids. 
  • High school students qualify as program supervisors if they are working with another responsible adult, over the age of 21.  At least one of the program supervisors should be able to run with the kids.


What costs are associated with the KILOMETER KIDS program?

  • There is no cost to host sites or participants.

What type of facilities does a KILOMETER KIDS site need to have?

  • While an outdoor track is preferred, an enclosed area such as a soccer field will work as well. Cones or markers can measure out distance for games and activities.
  • Since safety is the top priority, running should be done in a safe and controlled area.
  • Sites will also need to make sure that water and bathroom facilities are readily available to participants.
  • Sites are responsible for providing transportation to the running area (if needed) and KILOMETER KIDS events.  

What happens when there is inclement weather?

  • Individual sites are responsible for developing and communicating their own inclement weather plans.  Atlanta Track Club will provide sites with ideas for indoor games and activities, which can be used if the program has to be moved indoors due to inclement weather.

Is there a Kilometer Kids host site near me?

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