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Thanks for printing!  Don't forget to come back to for fresh articles!

Atlanta Track Club is dedicated to inspiring and engaging Atlanta area youth to make better lifestyle choices and become active through the sport of running. Together with the community, we are committed to fighting the childhood obesity epidemic. Below are the youth running events and programs we offer throughout the year:

Kilometer Kids

Youth Running

Kilometer Kids is an incentive-based running program designed to get kids (ages 7 to 14) in the community active! Whether you are a teacher looking to start an after-school program, or a parent looking to run with your child in the neighborhood, the free 11-week program is a great way to get kids in the community active. Learn more here

Youth Running Series 

Atlanta Track Club's Kilometer Kids offers One-Mile Runs (ages 7-14, open to adults) and 50m Dash (ages 6 and under) at various events throughout the year in addition to the Free Mid-Week Fun Runs (ages 14 and under) associated with the Kilometer Kids program. Check our upcoming events page for the Fun Run schedule.

Peachtree Junior

Youth Running

Peachtree Junior is for kids of all ages, and is designed to offer kids the experience, excitement and prestige of Peachtree under safe conditions and without the pressure of competition. The event will feature a 3K fun run for ages 7-14, a 1/2K for ages 5-9 and 50m dash for ages 6 & under. 

High School Running

Atlanta Track Club is proud to support local high school athletes through various initiatives. Learn more