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Get ready for your next race with a customized training program from Atlanta Track Club. With Atlanta Track Club's In-Training Online programs, get your workouts and log your miles in an easy-to-use app. Choose the coaches upgrade for one-on-one access to our staff of Olympic level coaches.

The online training program designed by our coaching staff, Amy and Andrew Begley, can be customized to meet your fitness level, goal distance and individual schedule. Meet the coaching staff

What plan is right for me?

The basic plan option provides

  • Workout plan personalized to your fitness level and goal race
  • Daily workout email reminders (phone app. option)
  • Access to training tip resources and video content

The coach upgrade plan provides

  • Dynamic workout plan personalized to your fitness level and goal race and can be adjusted during the program
  • You will receive daily workout email reminders
  • One-on-one direct email access to a coach assigned to you
  • Access to training tip resources and video content

Distances offered

  • 5K and 10K - 12 week plan with daily workout schedules
  • Half or Full Marathon - 18 week plan with daily workout schedules
What level am I?
Level One: This is for people who are just starting to run or walk or returning from injury.
Level Two: This is for people who have participated in races in the past, but are trying to get
ready to cover the event distance. Currently running or walking 3-4 days per week.
Level Three: This is for avid runners looking to set a new personal best. Currently running 5-7 days per week.


Basic Option

  • 5K or 10K (12 week plan) - $30.00
  • Half or Full Marathon (18 week plan) - $75.00

Coach Upgrade Option

  • 5K or 10K (12 week plan) - $75.00
  • Half or Full Marathon (18 week plan) - $160.00

**Online training has reached capacity and is currently full.**

Refund Policy - Training registration is non-refundable* and non-transferable.

*Refunds considered for medical reasons only. Refund requests must be submitted with a physician's letter prior to goal race date. $25.00 processing fee will be retained.

Program Features

  • Online Training log powered by Final Surge. Once you register you will receive an email with instructions to sign up for the online training log.
    • A coach assigned to you will review your registration form within three business days (from the date you registered).
    • The coach will assign a personalized training plan based on your current fitness level and goal event. You will receive an invite to join our online training program called Final Surge. The email will come from Final Surge.
    • Once you join Final Surge, our coach will get a notification. They will add your training plan within three business days (from the day you join).
    • The training plan will appear on your calendar 12 weeks out (for 5k or 10K plan) or 18 weeks out ( for half or full marathon plan) based on the goal race date provided in registration.
    • After you have signed up for Final Surge, you will get a daily email reminder about your workout. You will have access to training resources (videos, lifting plans, nutritional information, etc).
  • Discount on training apparel through 25% discount code for Atlanta Track Club's online store
  • Discount on Road ID items
  • Discount on Bauerfeind products
  • Nutrition support from Good Measure Meals
    • Nutrition tips and recipes throughout training
    • Discounts on Good Measure Meals meal plans and nutrition counseling services
    • Online interactive support from Registered Dietitian via Facebook and recorded videos
    • Additional Services

For more information contact us at [email protected]