Club Night

No frills, no cost, just workouts: Welcome to Club Night.

Based on Club Nights found throughout Europe, Atlanta Track Club's latest initiative will provide a welcoming environment for members to get in a quality workout together. Each week, the Club will create a workout of the week and will post on strava. Members can gather together at Piedmont Park's Active Oval to form groups and complete the workout together.

Please make sure you are warmed up and ready to run by 6:30p.m.

From March until the end of October we gather at the top of the west side stairs of the Active Oval (on the Piedmont Rd. side). In November through February we gather at the "Ladies Waiting Room", a building just inside the park at 12th street. There is light in the park this time of year, but there a few dark spots so some bring a headlamp or handheld light. The group often gathers for an optional dinner or drink afterwards at local establishments

These workouts will focus on speed and endurance, designed to give a general workout that can fit into anyone's training program and goals. Most workouts will use your own 5K or 10K pace.

Please note: The Club will not provide timing, groups or gear check -- just the workout and a community to push yourself with fellow Atlanta Track Club members. Anyone can join and run or walk hard at any pace. Participants run at their own risk.

Club Night will officially run every Tuesday of the year except for major holidays when a smaller group unofficially gathers.

Stay updated on the workouts on our Facebook event page here or on our Strava club page discussion posts.