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March 2019 - Shannon Parris

Congratulations to our March Volunteer of the Month, Shannon Parris. Shannon is the crew chief at Publix Atlanta Marathon Hydration Station 10. Shannon, along with her sorority members, the Upsilon Alpha Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. has turned this spot into a party on the course. This runner favorite boasts a DJ, MC and wonderful volunteers. Shannon enjoys providing that extra burst of energy needed late in the marathon.

Do you remember your first time volunteering? What brought you back again?

Volunteer of the Month

Of course I remember my first time volunteering with Atlanta Track Club. I began volunteering with the Publix Georgia Marathon in 2014 at the post-race food tent. I, along with many other volunteers that I met, prepped and organized food items for the runners. I thoroughly enjoyed interacting with the other volunteers and runners as they finished the race. It was simply exhilarating and I knew I wanted to be on the giving end in any capacity that I could during this event moving forward. When Atlanta Track Club acquired the race in 2016, I stayed on with the event as it is now the Publix Atlanta Marathon.
What is your favorite Atlanta Track Club event? Why? 

My favorite Atlanta Track Club event is the Publix Atlanta Marathon. I find Atlanta Track Club to be very organized and purposeful in their actions. I appreciate the time and effort they put forth in planning all aspects of the race. This work is evident in the final product.

What is one of your best memories from volunteering at any race?

One of my best memories is from my first time I volunteered at the Publix Georgia Marathon in 2014. I volunteered in the post-race food tent for the marathon. I was there to help and to give the runners their much deserved nutrition after running such a challenging race and to cheer them/congratulate them on their accomplishments. Instead, the runners thanked me for being there. I was blown away by their graciousness and was overwhelmed. It was really emotional and I knew that I would participate in this race as often as I could. 

What is your favorite thing about volunteering with Atlanta Track Club? What brings you back?

The staff at Atlanta Track Club rock!! They are so easy to work with and have made the experience so much fun. They believe and live their mission statement with every race they organize. I appreciate the energy of the staff at Atlanta Track Club. Execution of a flawless race is paramount to Atlanta Track Club. Organization, efficiency and order matter to them and it matters to me. 

Volunteer of the Month
Do you have a favorite volunteer assignment? 

My favorite assignment is serving as crew chief of Hydration Station 10 at the Publix Atlanta Marathon! Not only do we give hydration to the runners and have the opportunity to interact with the runners, we give them that extra boost that they need to get them through the race. We have turned Hydration Station 10 into a full blown party - we have a DJ and an emcee to boot! We have an absolute ball interacting with the runners and they definitely enjoy running by our Hydration Station. It's a win-win for sure!

Do you have any advice or words of wisdom for any new Atlanta Track Club volunteers?

Expect that you will get more out of the volunteer opportunity than you can imagine. Be open to any assignment that you might be given and give it all you have. 

What organizations do you volunteer with beyond Atlanta Track Club?

As a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., part of our mission is to be of service to all mankind. We participate in a number of volunteer opportunities, mainly throughout Gwinnett county. I have had the opportunity to volunteer at: North Metro Academy of Performing Arts, North Gwinnett Co-op, Salem Missionary Baptist Church, Lilburn Co-op, Gwinnett Children's Shelter, and with The American Heart Association to name a few. Why do I volunteer you wonder?  It is our obligation as citizens to help, build and uplift those around us. 

What do you do for a living?

I am a Board Certified Pediatric Dentist

Tell us something interesting about yourself.

I used to be a customer service representative for a data processing company before I decided to change careers and become a Pediatric Dentist .

Volunteer of the Month Update

Volunteer of the Month

Mizuno strives to be Atlanta's essential and reliable running brand, and in 2018 they're making a commitment to YOU, the essential and reliable volunteers who make our 30+ events and programs possible. Beginning in January, they'll provide the Volunteer of the Month with seasonal apparel and discounted footwear to make all those hours spent on your feet more comfortable. We can't wait for next year! 

Previous Volunteers of the Month

"Volunteer of the Month" began in March of 2015 with the launch of our new website as a way to honor and recognize our amazing Atlanta Track Club volunteers who go above and beyond the call of duty.  Congratulations to our Volunteers of the Month and thank you for all that you do!

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