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July 2017 - Bill Royston

Congratulations to our July Volunteer of the Month, Bill Royston! Bill has been volunteering with Atlanta Track Club since the 1973 Peachtree Road Race. A self-diagnosed "obsessive complusive runner," he started volunteering right after completing that race! 2017 marks Bill's 45th year as an AJC Peachtree Road Race volunteer.

1. How long have you been volunteering with Atlanta Track Club?

This year will be my 45th year as an AJC Peachtree Road Race volunteer. Since 1973, I have enjoyed being race director for various Atlanta Track Club events, Peachtree committee, Atlanta Track Club treasurer, or just picking up trash after a race.

Volunteer of the Month2. Do you remember your first time volunteering with Atlanta Track Club? What event was it and what brought you back?

My first experience as a volunteer was the 1973 Peachtree Road Race. I told the race director, Bill Neace, that I had a good time running the race and asked if there was anything I could do to help. He put me to work on the spot and I was hooked.

3. What is your favorite Atlanta Track Club event? Why?

Peachtree has always been my favorite event. I have volunteered at many racing events but no others have the enormity and history of the AJC Peachtree Road Race. It’s exciting to be involved with an event that has a positive effect on more than 60,00 people each year.

4. What is one of your best memories from volunteering at any race?

My best memory is from volunteering with the marathon at the 1996 Olympics.

5. What if your favorite thing about volunteering with Atlanta Track Club? What brings you back?

Volunteering with Atlanta Track Club is always a positive experience, seeing old friends and lots of happy runners. It doesn’t matter if it’s too hot, too cold, hurricane weather, we are all there to do our best with no complaints.

6. Do you have a favorite volunteer assignment? 

Serving as course director for the Peachtree Road Race was my favorite position. Now, I still enjoy helping with pace cars and press trucks on race day.

7. What do you do for a living?

I am presently self-employed as a Certified Public Accountant and have been a CPA since 1972.

8. Tell us something interesting about yourself.

I was introduced to running in high school and competed in track and cross country. Running has stuck with me my whole life and I credit that for keeping me healthy and active.

After high school, I spent three years in the military, including time in Vietnam. Upon returning, I was diagnosed with diabetes as result of exposure to the chemical agent orange. Of course, there is no cure for diabetes, but it turns out that exercise is perfect for lessening complications of diabetes. I revived my running habit and developed a new illness called “excessive compulsive running,” an illness prevalent in the 1970s. (Just kidding.)

Running is still the foundation for all my enjoyable activities, biking, camping, scuba diving, and water kayaking.

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