In 2019, Atlanta Track Club committed to implementing green initiatives that reduce waste, promote sustainable and responsible consumption and support the local community of Atlanta. With the Club hosting nearly 150,000 participants through 40+ events and programs annually, we realize the importance of taking steps to promote greater environmental responsibility within Running City USA.

We formed a Sustainability Committee, tasked with ensuring the Club develops and executes policies and procedures that reflect a commitment to environmental sustainability within our daily operations and across all of our events and programs.

NEW IN 2022

The Atlanta Track Club Office is now a drop site for Bring in any old or unused running shoes during regular office hours of Monday through Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. and they will be reused or recycled!

Current Sustainability Efforts

  • Currently recycling all plastics, metals, paper/cardboard, and glass at our office and warehouse.
  • Taking bi-weekly trips to the Center for Hard to Recycle Materials (CHaRM) to recycle products such as old signage, electronics and any other items our single waste recycler does not accept.
  • Reusing old materials in new ways such as taking 130 pieces of old signage and making 30 trash and recycling bins to be utilized at future events.
  • Utilizing Virtual Event Bags for our premiere events in order to help reduce unnecessary waste from plastic bags and paper instead of physically stuff race bags. They keep our event more eco-friendly while also providing sponsors and businesses a more effective way to reach race participants.

Accomplishments Thus Far*

  • 74,430 plastic bottles recycled
  • 15,887 lbs of cardboard recycled
  • 1,172 lbs of compost created
  • 870 lbs of plastic bags
  • 9,274 race bibs recycled
  • 342 pairs of shoes collected and donated/recycled
  • 6,591 lbs of clothing collected and donated to Atlanta Mission, Goodwill and other homeless shelters
  • 4,696.8 lbs of finishers' medals repurposed through metal scrapping
  • 154,155 items of paper/postcards eliminated from the waste stream by using Virtual Event Bags and electronic communication instead of stuffing race bags

*Tracking began April 2019

Last updated 1/24/2019

How You Can Help

  • Carpool on Race Day- Participants are encouraged to use a ride share company, such as Lyft, to get to and from all of our events.
  • Public Transportation- Atlanta Track Club is proud to partner with MARTA in order to accommodate our participants on race day. The start and finish line of a number of our events are conveniently located near a MARTA station.
  • Recycle on Race Day- In the start and finish area, look for our recycling stations staffed by Green Team volunteers. These volunteers will assist you with the proper container for your waste.
  • Volunteer with the Green Team- Have a special interest in helping with these initiatives at our events? Click here to join the Green Team! We will send all Green Team members a special invitation to all Green Team volunteer opportunities, and keep you updated with our Green Initiatives.

Atlanta Track Club is a proud partner of CHaRM, the Center for Hard to Recycle Materials, re:loom and EcoSneakers.