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Volunteer All-Star Program

As a way of honoring those who give so much to Atlanta Track Club, we instituted the Atlanta Track Club All-Star Volunteer Program in 2005. An All-Star Volunteer is any individual who volunteers with us 10 or more times in a year.  Each All-Star receives a special gift and recognition at the Grand Prix Finale & Volunteer Awards Breakfast at the end of the year.  It is never too late to join the elite ranks.  Simply sign up for our newsletter and start volunteering!

2016 All-Star Award Winners

In 2016, Atlanta Track Club has proudly named 229 All-Star award winners, pictured above!  Click below for a complete listing of All-Star award winners by year.

2016 All-Star Volunteers

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Volunteer of the Year Awards

Each year, we celebrate six amazing volunteers for going above and beyond the call of duty with their volunteer work both within our organization and in the greater community.  Awards are presented at the Grand Prix Finale & Volunteer Awards Breakfast each December. For a historical look back at all of our Volunteers of the Year, click here: Volunteer of the Year History.

The recepients of the 2016 Volunteer Awards are:

2016 Clarence W. May Jr. Community Service Award: Jerry Dubner

Volunteer Awards

Jerry has been a friend and staple of Atlanta Track Club for over 35 years.  Jerry has volunteered for and participated in hundreds of our events, including our Grand Prix events throughout the year, many of our signature events, and the marathon and half marathon working as pace team leader. Jerry has also been a fixture at our finish line of the AJC Peachtree Road Race as a crew chief responsible for our finish line marshals.  He’s served as a Peachtree volunteer and crew chief for 26 years straight. Jerry assisted with the Atlanta Track Club’s move from the Peachtree Road offices to the Shadowlawn office.  He helped out with course measurement and certification of two Peachtrees and two Atlanta Marathons.  In the past 35 years, Jerry has given thousands of hours of volunteer time to Atlanta Track Club.

Jerry is very active outside of Atlanta Track Club as well.  He was race director for the Va-Hi Summerfest races for several years, beginning in the 90s.  He organized his firm's participation in the corporate challenge for at least 20 years.  Jerry has also helped with Girls on the Run, spent time volunteering at the Atlanta Community Food Bank, served as an interviewer for Yale admissions, and has been Red Cross blood donor, racking up over 300 platelet donations for the organization.  He volunteered for both marathons and the road bike races during the 1996 Olympics.  Jerry does not turn down requests for help, no matter the capacity.

2016 Road Race Volunteer of the Year:  Amy Malcom 

Volunteer AwardsAmy has volunteered with Atlanta Track Club for nine years and is one of our biggest assets; she’s one of the brightest, most humble and hardest working members of our volunteer family.  She helps weekdays in the office preparing bibs and works all of our big volunteer packing days as we prepare for major events.  She works every pre-race number pick-up and expo, and is there for us every race morning working either the start waves or bib pick-up.  Not only has Amy volunteered with us over 60 times in the last two years, she’s also taken on leadership roles as a crew chief for two of our major events. Outside of Atlanta Track Club, Amy volunteers in her community and volunteers weekly at the Atlanta Humane Society.

2016 Track and Field Volunteer of the Year:  Edward Husband

Volunteer AwardsEdward has volunteered at our All Comers Track & Field Meets as a finish line timer for several years.  Not only does he have great reflexes and accuracy with the stopwatch, he is caring, warmhearted, giving, compassionate, funny, and a joy to work with. When our participants cross the line and are given their splits by Edward, his kindness and encouragement give runners of all ages a delightful lasting impression.  He’s very eager to give great running advice to kids and parents alike. Outside of our All Comers meets, you’ll find Edward leading the way as a crew chief at the Publix Georgia Marathon & Half Marathon, AJC Peachtree Road Race, PNC Atlanta 10 Miler & 5K, and Thanksgiving Day Half Marathon & 5K.

2016 Youth Volunteer of the Year: Bob Wells

Volunteer AwardsDespite all the time he already devotes to being an Atlanta Track Club ambassador, a run lead, and helping out at our races, if you go to a Kilometer Kids Fun Run, you will quickly learn that Bob Wells is a mainstay when it comes to serving Atlanta Track Club's youth running initiatives. Bob has helped coach one of the big Kilometer Kids programs and motivated 100+ kids each season as he teaches them how fun running can be. He volunteers regularly at our midweek runs in addition to constantly finding ways to promote Atlanta Track Club and Kilometer Kids to potential volunteers, donors, and of course the kids. “Boston -Bound Bob” was the first “Fundracer” in 2015 who helped promote the Kilometer Kids program and raise funds while running the Boston Marathon, and he came back this year just as motivated to help all of those who were fundraising via the New York Marathon.  #BOOM!

2016 Ambassador of the Year: Deborah Chensvold

Volunteer AwardsOver the years, Debbie has gone from volunteer, to ambassador, to crew chief.  She has volunteered with us for several years and in 2016 alone volunteered more than 10 times and was the crew chief for two of our premier events. Debbie is passionate about the Club and always willing to go the extra mile whether it’s volunteering in the office, at an expo, or on race morning before she transitions into a participant.  She has been involved with our training programs as a participant and run lead, and has certainly helped make a lasting impression on her fellow members. 

2016 Run Lead of the Year:  TJ Hadley

Volunteer AwardsTJ is a great example of a training participant who developed into a run lead.  She started out as one of the "difficult" participants who she now loves to coach and mentor.  TJ has a great saying that she tells new participants, “I will believe in you until you believe in you!”  She has been instrumental in revamping our walking program and keeping us focused on our mission of creating a healthy and active Atlanta.  TJ took what was one of the greatest fears of new training participants, finishing last, and turned it into a celebration of accomplishment and community with the “Party in the Back” crew.  Her generosity of time and encouragement is part of what makes her an outstanding run lead. TJ spent 50 days with the In-Training programs in 2016, but that does NOT include the time she spent volunteering with race bibs, expos and corrals.