Runners Who Read Book Club

Welcome to Runners Who Read, the official book club of Atlanta Track Club! This will be a community where you can share thoughts and perspective on the selected books, while learning the same from others. The goal is to have fun and meaningful discussions, all united by a shared love of running.

Each month will be dedicated to a different running-related book with weekly blog postings containing guided discussion questions. Participants are asked to engage as much or as little as they'd like; sharing thoughts, reactions and questions while they read.

Ground rules:

  1. The goal, like sometimes in running, is to pace ourselves and stick to the pack, reading the books as evenly as possible. However, if life gets in the way or a book is too good to put down, the group may end up in different places. Please do not drop any spoilers, or place *SPOILER ALERT* in the discussion if you read ahead.
  2. Keep on topic, but feel free to introduce information that is relevant to the discussion (historical facts, bio details, book background, related authors or topics). Questions that come to mind are also encouraged.
  3. It's OK to disagree, but please do so respectfully and constructively.
  4. This is a safe place to share from personal experience, if you feel so inclined. However, please include a *TRIGGER WARNING* if the content includes the following topics: rape, sexual assault, abuse, self-injurious behavior, pregnancy loss, or any others that may be triggering.

Comments will be deleted if:

  • They contain inappropriate language

  • They are being used as promotions of products or pages that are not relevant to the topic

  • They are generally off topic

  • The poster does not include at least their first name

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Meet your moderator, Olivia!

Hello everyone, my name is Olivia Baker and I'm one of the elite 800m runners for Atlanta Track Club. I grew up in South Orange, NJ and graduated from Stanford University in the class of 2018 with a degree in Human Biology before running professionally for 3 years in Austin, Texas and recently moving to Atlanta. During my time at Stanford, I was a 7-time first team All-American and have since qualified for four USATF National Championships with a career best placing of 3rd in the 600m at the 2019 Indoor Championships. Outside of running, you can find me playing board games, watching sports, reading, or exploring new hiking trails in the area.

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