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Atlanta Track Club In-Training Programs

Atlanta Track Club builds Community, Camaraderie and Competition through our events and programming. Through our In-Training programs, we strive to educate runners and walkers to confidently cross their finish line. In-Training programs are guided by the mission and vision of Atlanta Track Club and the coaching philosophy of the High Performance Department.

Training Program Policies

Coaching Philosophy

Atlanta Track Club believes all runners and walkers benefit from individualized coaching based on training age, event demands, and performance goals. The Club's coaching philosophy is focused on both long-term development and incremental growth resulting in consistency, faster performances, event completion and a healthier lifestyle. The acronym "PACES" summarizes our values.

P - Progressive - Training forces the body to adapt. Atlanta Track Club's training progressively increases your training load within a season, between cycles, and over years resulting in fitness and performance improvements.

A - Aerobic - Atlanta Track Club's training focuses on long-term development of aerobic pathways so you have the endurance and strength for the demands of your event while retaining or developing race-specific speed.

C - Consistent - Atlanta Track Club's training focuses on frequent exercise, supplemental drills, and stretching while building habits and routines supporting a healthy lifestyle. Consistent training steadily builds and maintains fitness.

E - Everyone - All athletes can improve and Atlanta Track Club's training is inclusive of Olympic development runners, first time walkers, and everyone in between. Training and coaching is valuable for all participants and necessary to reach your individual potential.

S - Specific - Training must be tailored to the unique needs of the participant and event. Atlanta Track Club's training is individualized so you get the maximum benefit from hard work with the least amount of risk as you work toward realistic goals.

*Training programs are geared toward adult participants 18 and older. However, participants as young as 16 may participate as long as they are accompanied by a parent and the parent has signed a release acknowledging the risks involved. Both the parent and child would need to be registered for the program.

What to expect from an In-Training Program

While every Atlanta Track Club In-Training program is subtly different, there are some continuities among them.

  • Customization: join the program at your level of training and commitment
  • Community: share your longest and midweek workouts with participants from around Atlanta. Misery loves company after all!
  • Length: programs range from 8 weeks (In-Training for 5K) to 14 weeks (In-Training for Fall Marathon)
  • Prices: In-Training programs range from $120-$180 depending on the length and amount of supplemental programming provided. Atlanta Track Club members receive a 12% discount on all In-Training programs except In-Training for Peachtree.
  • Saturdays: supported long runs/walk from the Track Club office at 201 Armour Drive are a staple of all programs and include certified coaches, Run Leads guiding pace groups, educational guest speakers, coned courses, and more
  • Midweek workouts: tempo runs and speedwork completed as a group push your fitness to new levels. Locations vary by program but Piedmont Park is every Wednesday at 6:00 p.m.
  • Online support: using Final Surge, Facebook, and other resources, you will get text or email reminders for your workouts, an online community for support and assistance, and educational programming streamed to your home on Tuesday evenings
  • Coaching: Atlanta Track Club's staff coaches, including 2008 Olympian Amy Begley, and veteran volunteer Run Leads will guide you toward fitness and personal records

What Level am I?

Level I Beginner runners and walkers 9:00-18:00 minutes per mile including intervals. This is for people who are just starting or returning from injury.

Level II

Runners and walkers 7:00-16:00 minutes per mile including intervals currently doing 15 or fewer miles per week
Level III Experienced runners and walkers 7:00-16:00 minutes per mile including intervals currently doing 16-30 miles per week
Level IV Advanced runners 7:00-10:00 minutes per mile pace currently doing 31+ miles per week and at least one speed work session or tempo run per week

*Atlanta Track Club has dedicated volunteer run leads to assist Level I, II and III runners, walkers and interval participants on supported long runs.

In-Training Programs

Ambassador & Group Run/Walks Peachtree


Half Marathon

Fall Marathon 5K Publix Half Marathon Publix Full Marathon Virtual Training
Registration Opens N/A March May May July & November October October Same as accompanying in-person program
Program Season year round April-July August - November June- November January - February & August - October January - March December - March Same as accompanying in-person program

Saturday Location

NA ATC office ATC office ATC office ATC office ATC office ATC office NA
Midweek Location Regional Regional TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD NA
Levels Offered All All All Level II - IV (no level I) Level I - II (no level III or IV) All All Same as accompanying in-person program

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