In-Training Program

If this is your first AJC Peachtree Road Race or you are aiming for a top 1,000 finisher mug, our new premium In-Training for Peachtree program is designed to meet your needs. Training in a group, with all levels of participants, is a great way to stay motivated and get encouragement along the way. The weekly training sessions take place on Saturday mornings at Atlanta Track Club's office with additional mid-week workouts throughout the metro Atlanta area. A new virtual option is also available, see details below.

New in 2020, In-Training for Peachtree will feature:

  • Certified coaches at every Saturday run
  • Guest speakers or "learn by doing" at every Saturday run
  • Digital learning opportunities Tuesday evenings
  • Higher ratios of Run Leads for pace groups
  • Additional training levels to meet your fitness and experience
  • Visits from local running specialty stores
  • Daily text/email reminders of workouts powered by Final Surge

Training programs are geared toward adult participants 18 and older. However, participants as young as 16 may participate as long as they are accompanied by a parent and the parent has signed a release acknowledging the risks involved. Both the parent and child would need to be registered for the program.

Course limit paces for the affiliated goal event will be applied to training program sessions. As per Atlanta Track Club event policies, our 10K course time limit is 1 hr 45 minutes, a 17:00 min/mile pace. We recommend that training participants be able to maintain 18 min/mile for at least a mile at the start of training. If participants are not meeting this pace per mile, they may be asked to change their training runs to a set time limit to match training support.

Note: This training program does not include guaranteed entry into the AJC Peachtree Road Race.