AJC Peachtree Road Race Logo Gets a New Look

ATLANTA--January 22, 2015--The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Peachtree Road Race is getting a new logo.

Culminating nine months of work, the new logo is red, black and white – the colors of the Atlanta Track Club, which organizes the race – and features the word Peachtree in red in all caps, with road race in smaller, black letters underneath. Below the words is a small, black outline of a peach, flanked on three sides by stars symbolizing the Atlanta Track Club’s focus on community, camaraderie and competition. The black AJC logo is above the word Peachtree. The words and symbols overlay a home-plate shape consisting of alternating red and black lines.

AJC Peachtree Road Race Logo

The old logo featured the blue outline of a large peach, with Peachtree Road Race in red letters and three red stars on the side. The AJC symbol was on top of the word Peachtree.

“The challenge was to move our brand, our logo forward in such a way that we were moving with the times and being consistent with where the Atlanta Track Club brand was going, but stayed true to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Peachtree, the race everybody knows,” Atlanta Track Club executive director Rich Kenah said. “We feel good where we landed.”

The new logo will be used with anything involving the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Peachtree Road Race. Kenah stressed that the new logo doesn’t replace the annual T-shirt contest. The new logo, designed by several illustrators, will be included within the winning design, just as the old logo was included on past T-shirts.

The new logo also coincides with the continued rebranding of the Atlanta Track Club, as well as an ongoing effort by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution to rebrand many of its products.

“The new logo has a new look and feel that ties the event back to the Atlanta Track Club, but puts the AJC front and center,” Kenah said.


News story by Doug Roberson, courtesy of AJC.com