Atlanta Track Club Unveils New Logo

The Atlanta Track Club announced today that it is unveiling a new logo. The new design, seen above, will be seen by the public beginning with signage, race numbers and merchandise for the AJC Peachtree Road Race on July 4, which is the organization’s largest event.

The new logo ties in the history of the Atlanta Track Club while providing a modern look. The “A” in the design represents the open road and invites people to walk and run while the wing is a nod to the organization’s heritage. The lines comprising the mark elicit movement and energy.

“The goal of redesigning our logo was to create a look that stays true to the roots of the Atlanta Track Club while reaching out to the next generation of runners and walkers,” said Tracey Russell, executive director of the Atlanta Track Club. “The new logo captures the energy and excitement of our organization, and we hope that it will inspire more people to join us as we promote health and fitness in the Atlanta community and beyond.”

The Atlanta Track Club solicited input from its membership and the running community during the process of updating its logo. The selected design is meant to build upon the more than 19,000 members of the Atlanta Track Club.