Becoming a Runner: One Mile at a Time

20170101_135904 (2)        ATLANTA - January 4, 2017 - Atlanta Track Club Intern Shana is taking up running and walking for the first time. In an attempt to get fit and lose weight, she has joined Atlanta Track Club's Spring 5K In-Training program and is participating in a 12-week meal plan with Good Measure Meals.  Each Wednesday, Shana will give us a brief update on her progress sharing the highs and lows of her week.High Point of the Week:  Participating in my first race ever. On New Year's Day, I got up early, helped set up for the Resolution Run and then, despite the cold rain, took part in the One Mile. I beat the goal time I set for myself, crossing the finish line in 16:29.
Low Point of the Week: Being sore!Best Workout: Tuesday's 10-minute walk.  I went to the gym in my complex but it was full! In the past, I would of just went back home and said "I tried. Oh well." But instead I walked around my complex.Best Meal: It's hard to choose just one because everything Good Measure Meals makes is AMAZING, but if I'm forced to choose it would be the turkey and sweet potato chili with sour cream and cornbread. Yum!