Becoming a Runner: Shana's Journey

ShanaATLANTA - December 28, 2016 - Shana is the first person you see when you walk into Atlanta Track Club's Armour Drive offices. She is also often the friendly voice on the other end of your phone call to our main desk. The Georgia State University Masters Student (and UNC Tarheel grad!) is working here as part of an internship in her Sports Management program. This winter, two co-workers talked Shana into joining the Spring 5K In-Training Program. Shana, who is admittedly not a runner, reluctantly agreed to not only join the program but also work with Good Measure Meals to follow a strict 12 week diet plan with a goal of losing 12 pounds over the next three months. Every Wednesday for the next three weeks, Shana will be blogging about her journey; sharing her highs and lows. Before she started, we wanted to ask her a few basic questions about why she decided to "become a runner."Why did you decide to join the Spring 5K In-Training program?I haven’t figured out how to say no to Amy or Sue (ed. note: Amy Begley is Atlanta Track Club's coach and Sue Payne is the Director of Outreach). Well that really solidified the deal. The decision originated with the interest in wanting to not be the only person at Atlanta Track Club who didn’t run* but also it is the perfect kick start to actually getting healthy.What are some of your fitness goals?Weight Loss! I’m was an athlete in middle school and high school so that athleticism still exists somewhere deep down. It would be great to finally lose the weight and maybe even gain a little muscle.What are some of your nutrition goals?To accomplish eating three meals a day. Right now I’m lucky to get in one.  I will forget to eat or will get so caught up in the day that by the time an opportunity presents itself, I find myself binging on everything in sight.What is your ultimate goal for the 5K?Being this is my first one I don’t want to set any expectations because I honestly don’t know what to expect. However, if I am able to run more than walk, I will consider it a success.What scares you most about this journey?The fear of the unknown. I’m a natural planner. I like mapping out a course of action and anticipating the outcome.  This upcoming journey and experience is not one I can plan for.  I can assume that it will be challenging.  I can assume it will be fun and truly help me reach my goals but there are still lingering questions that the planner in me feels needs answers.  Will I be able to do it? Aren’t I too slow to do this? Will I finish within the time limits? For years I have said “if certain things happened, then I would take on a certain task.”  Well the “if” is a reality so the question becomes will I put the “then” into action.  Well I’m as ready as I can be, someone just tell the director to yell “ACTION!”What are you most excited about?Crossing the finish line at the 5K. Being that I’ve never worn a bib, crossed a start line or finish line as a participant, I feel like that moment will be pretty special.  Someone should be waiting with tissues.*While it's true most employees of Atlanta Track Club run or walk, Shana is certainly not the only one who does not.