Becoming a Runner: Support Crew and Sprouts

  Shana LatestATLANTA – January 11, 2017 – Atlanta Track Club Intern Shana is taking up running and walking for the first time. In an attempt to get fit and lose weight, she has joined Atlanta Track Club’s Spring 5K In-Training program and is participating in a 12-week meal plan with Good Measure Meals.  Each Wednesday, Shana will give us a brief update on her progress sharing the highs and lows of her week.Highs of the Week: This week is really about the support system that I have around me.  Even though its going into the second week, I'm finding that I need them more than ever. While workouts don't seem as hard as the week before, mentally and physically I'm not as in it as I was the first week.  The first week, you're excited and pumped for the new challenges you are about to face but as week two settles in the newness wears off and reality sets in that life as you know it is changing. You question whether or not you can do it. I'm grateful and thankful for the amazing coaches, dietitian, and Atlanta Track Club staff that encourage me everyday and remind me I am not alone in this challenge! You guys make it all worth it and are why I continue everyday despite my facial expressions.

Low Points of the Week: I must say I was not too happy with some of the meals this week and I admittedly stepped on the scale and the numbers didn't make me too happy. However, after a conversation with my dietitian Alissa at Good Measure Meals, she helped me focus not so much on the numbers but on the lifestyle that I am working towards.
Best Workout: This week I found myself pushing through a lot of "I don't feel like working out" and whining especially after the sprinkle of snow and ice. However, I laced up my sneakers and went to the gym two days after the snow fell and after saying I would cross-train for 30 minutes I ended up doing one hour! I've found if you turn on Netflix to binge watch a series, you won't want to stop until the particular episode you're watching is finished!
Best Meal: Brussels Sprouts! Who would have thought? Not me! All week I had been dreading the meal with Brussels sprouts. Well it was GREAT! Taste buds were pleasantly surprised by the taste.