Call for Atlanta Track Club Board Nominations

The Atlanta Track Club impacts our members and our community because it is a well-governed and well-managed organization with committed, selfless leaders.  We will remain so if we continue to attract strong members to our board.  We invite you to consider combining your passion for the Atlanta Track Club and its mission with your professional skills and volunteer experience to positively impact the Atlanta community by applying to be considered as a member of the Atlanta Track Club Board of Directors.  We also ask you to think hard about other Atlanta Track Club members you think would be outstanding board member candidates, and to encourage them to apply to be nominated.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • The Board of Directors meets eight times during the year, and on other occasions as needed, including to update our strategic plan. 
  • Each of our fifteen members also serves on a minimum of one board committee which meets regularly throughout the year. 
  • Serving on the Atlanta Track Club Board is a three-year commitment, and it requires active participation.
  • Candidates for board service must be at least eighteen years of age and a member of the Atlanta Track Club in good standing for at least one year prior to beginning board service in January 2014.  

The needs of the board change each year as veteran members conclude their board terms and new members are elected.  For the coming year, 2014, the Nominating Committee has identified several key skill sets that will help the Atlanta Track Club meet its strategic goals, and achieve its mission of inspiring and engaging the community to achieve health and fitness through running. 

Important characteristics the board is currently seeking include:

  • Fundraising experience and leadership
  • Connections to health, fitness and sports companies and organizations in and outside of Atlanta
  • HR expertise

Next Steps:

  • Qualified Atlanta Track Club members should submit a resume and letter of intent explaining their interest as well as skills and experience they believe would assist the Atlanta Track Club as it works to achieve its mission. 
  • All resumes and letters of intent should be directed to [email protected] /* */ by October 1, 2013

If you know of others who might be interested in board membership, please encourage them to apply or send an email about the proposed applicant with a brief description of their background to the “board nominations” email address.

For more information about the application process, go to­about/board-members.