Help the Atlanta Track Club win $20,000 for a Tech Makeover!


Help us get a running start! The Atlanta Track Club is in the running for the "Technology Jumpstart Your Nonprofit," a super-sized contest for a technology makeover worth $20,000! That's a lot of smackaroos...

This opportunity would allow the ATC to become more efficient in providing services to our volunteers, members and event participants. Ultimately, YOU can help us PR this contest.

How can you help? Simply by voting for us (once a day)! The more votes, the bigger the runner's high we'll feel as we make our way to the finish line. Seriously, the more votes we receive, the better our chances... I wonder if we get a finisher's medal???

Anyway, don't give us the run around... simply click here and show us some love. Make sure you click the 16 or more tab, then scroll down to the Atlanta Track Club!

Hold on, we haven't hit the wall yet... how about helping us spread the word? Break out those mad social networking skills-Facebook, Twitter or whatever your social potion and let your friends and family members in on our little crusade... we need a sole lot of help to snag those 20 G's...

Let's log those miles votes today! Click here to vote.

Thanks for the support!