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May 2018 - Faces of Peachtree Junior

This past weekend, 2,500 Atlanta children descended on Piedmont Park to run, throw and jump in the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Peachtree Junior. Kids under 14 were able to participate in a 3K, 1/2K or 50m Dash, along with a full kid-friendly decathlon designed to expose them to new aspects of track & field. And for many in the Kilometer Kids program, this race marked a capstone for their spring season, as full teams came to the park to run together and celebrate their accomplishments. For this month's Faces of Kilometer Kids, we're celebrating these healthy kids that participated with a photo essay featuring some of their direct quotes about the day. 

Faces of Kilometer Kids

Sasha, Mary-Ellen and Annika

Rising second graders at Morningside Elemntary, Sasha, Mary-Ellen and Annika enjoyed their first Peachtree Junior and the chance to race alongside each other. Mary-Ellen was particularly excited to get out and race, insisting that she would "run the whole time way ahead of [her] mom."


Faces of Kilometer Kids

Charlie, Lauren and Alexis

For Alexis, this race was the end of an era, as she finished her seventh straight Peachtree Junior. "To see it grow like this is pretty amazing," she said. "Kids like me can get a chance to get outside and be active on a Saturday morning when we're supposed to be in bed."

And for Charlie, though her mom sprung the race on her as a surprise this morning, she enjoyed the opportunity to come out with her friends and see other people pushing themselves and racing. 


Faces of Kilometer Kids

International Community School

Though just nine kids are featured in this photo, the International Community School brought more than 150 students to the event, walking away with $2,000 in funding for being the team with the highest number of participants. ICS has been a Kilometer Kids school for multiple years, and always brings buses full of kids excited to experience the thrills of racing an Atlanta Track Club event. Descriptions ranged from "amazing" to "so much fun," including one student who said he felt like "he could do it every day." 

"I don't really run much, so it just gave me so much energy," he said. 

The kids were also a social bunch, making friends out on the course and enjoying the race together. 

Faces of Kilometer Kids

May and Lily

Sisters Lily and May enjoyed their first Peachtree Junior, each finishing the 50m dash. 


Faces of Kilometer Kids 

Isaiah, Ezekial and Zora

While Ezekiel, Zora and Isaiah showed up a few minutes too late and missed the start of the 3K, they were still able to participate in the kid-friendly decathlon. All three pointed in the direction of the high jump pit when asked what event they liked the most, excited that they were able to flip over the bar and onto the pit. 

Faces of Kilometer Kids

Jack and Graham

Both five years old, Jack and Graham were ready to use the race for competition, trying to prove who was the fastest between them. 

Faces of Kilometer Kids


Miles is part of the Kilometer Kids program at Bay Creek Middle, where his father Telly coaches their team. According to Telly, Kilometer Kids has given Miles, who suffers from alopecia, the opportunity to get his mind off of being different from other children around him. Peachtree Junior gave Miles a chance to run and make new friends along the way, even if he struggled through the race, which was the furthest he's ever run. 


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