Feeney 5K Fun Run

The first Feeney's Fun Run for the Feeney Legacy Project (FLP) is April 14, 2024, with Startime at 9:30am, as well as a Virtual Run starting March 17, 2024--walk, run, skip anywhere anyhow and any distance--just get outside. This live event will be timed but FLP wants folks to have fun and enjoy the fresh air. On April 14th Decatur Legacy Park will guide us through the trails that weave through the park so wear shoes that are "ok to get dirty." Register and participate for either event then the swag will come! The Fun Run is a fundraiser for the Feeney Legacy Project to build a platform available with presentations, teaching materials, marketing materials and resources for any group, school, community or individual to spread the word along with FLP's public outreach and education. Together we can save lives in our communities. FLP began by Kathy Feeney Armistead in memory of the son she lost April 15, 2022. Feeney's death could have been avoided had 911 been called and had CPR been started immediately when Feeney went into cardiac arrest. Kathy has brought together a group of women--sisters, family and friends ranging in ages of 13 to 86--to spread the word of FLP. Call 911. Administer CPR. Be Someone's Second Chance! Let's wear red socks, shoes, hats, shirts, scarves and just silly stuff Feeney would be impressed with! This is an event to get outside, have fun, build teams of friends, Scouts, athletic teams, mom's groups, dad's groups, teachers, wise elders, clubs, business friends...just get outside.

Date & Time

  • April 14, 2024


  • Decatur, GA


  • 5K