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Interested in Becoming a Kilometer Kids Coach?

Kilometer Kids coaches are the volunteers that bring Kilometer Kids teams into existence. Many of our coaches are school teachers and staff, but the majority of coaches/assistants are parents and community volunteers committed to making sure kids have the opportunity to be active and learn skills and habits that will empower them with the knowledge and support they need to make smart lifestyle choices. 

Many of the assistant coaches simply show up to practices and help keep kids organized and having fun. Meanwhile, lead coaches devote a bit more time into deciding when and where practices will be held, use the Kilometer Kids curriculum to decide the day's games and running activities, make sure kids are registered and receiving prizes as they meet their goals, and help coordinate parents to bring the kids to events in the Kilometer Kids Youth Running Series.  However the best and most sustainable teams evenly spread out responsibilities and make sure that there are always new coaches ready to replace them when they or their children move on to the next school. 

So, recruit a few friends and help us make a difference!


  • Date & Time

    Whenever you can help!

  • Location

    Your community

  • Event Swag

    • A t-shirt and lots of high fives
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Want to help a team nearby or start your own?

  • Click here for a map of previous Kilometer Kids host sites
  • Contact us or contact the site to see if they have an active team this season
  • Let us know how we can help you start team

Assistant Coach Requirements:

  • Register for the program each season
  • Complete our free online background check
  • Support the lead coach as much as possible 


Lead Coach Requirements: 

  • Register for the program each season and make sure everyone else on the team registers as well
  • Complete our free online background check
    • We strongly encourage lead coaches to make sure their assistants complete the background check as well 
  • Stay in contact with us so you have current information and know of all the opportunities we provide throughout the season

Basic Coach Info


  • Make sure all coaches, assistant coaches, and parents register

Complete our free online background check

  • We require that there is always at least one coach who has a current valid background check (click here to complete)
    • We strongly encourage lead coaches to make sure their assistants complete the background check as well

Pick up your team's prizes:

  • Once everyone is registered (preferably before the first practice), let us know and we will get prizes ready for you to pick up at our office or one of the fun runs

Apply for our grants:

  • Transportation Assistance - Let us know if you need help paying for a bus to take kids to any of our youth events
  • Publix Atlanta Kids Marathon - Bring at least 25 kids and we'll donate $5 per finisher to your team (win up to $1,500 for being one of the three biggest teams)
  • Adopt-A-Mile - Cheer like crazy for those running the Atlanta 10 Miler and win money for your team in the process!

Keep in touch:

  • Give us a call when looking for tips and tricks
  • Ask to have a professional runner come visit your team
  • Let us know how we can make the program even better

Host Site Requirements:


  • All coaches and participants must register to be eligible for incentives. Children must also register for each event in the Kilometer Kids Race Series that they plan to attend

Practice Schedule:

  • The fall program begins the first week of September and ends with the Invesco Thanksgiving Day Half Marathon, 5k, Mile & 50m Dash in November
  • The spring session begins in late February and ends in May with the All Comers Track & Field Meets
  • Teams hold two 60 minutes sessions each week for eleven weeks during their season
  • However, we are flexible! Some teams practice in the summer, some practice once a week for a longer period of time or every day for a shorter period of time. Just let us know how we can work with your schedule


  • While an outdoor track is preferred, an enclosed area such as a soccer field will work as well. Cones or markers can measure out distance for games and activities
  • Since safety is the top priority, running should be done in a safe and controlled area
  • Sites will also need to make sure that water and bathroom facilities are readily available to participants
  • Sites are responsible for providing transportation to the practice area (if needed) and Kilometer Kids events


  • Kilometer Kids sites should provide their own liability insurance. Atlanta Track Club provides insurance for Kilometer Kids events only


  • We want Kilometer Kids to be accessible to all children in metro Atlanta and strongly encourage all participating Kilometer Kids teams to be completely free. However, teams may ask for an exception. If Atlanta Track Club provides a written exception, your Kilometer Kids team may charge a participation fee under the following conditions:
    • The money collected may only be directed toward Atlanta track Club approved uses
      • Approved uses include fitness equipment for the school/team, transportation money to bring the team to Atlanta Track Club events, uniforms and registration fees for those events, and other uses approved on a case by case basis
    • Parents/Guardians must be given the option to volunteer at two practices with the team rather than pay for their children
    • The registration fee to participate for a season must not exceed $30
    • Children/families are exempt from all fees if they qualify for free or reduced lunch
    • Teams that charge a registration fee are not eligible for Atlanta Track Club grants