Welcome to the Kilometer Kids Family Engagement Blog!

Hello and welcome to the Kilometer Kids Family Engagement Blog!

This is a space where we will share with you about our program so you can gain a deeper understanding of our curriculum and learn about ways to best support your child this season.

My name is Sadi Henderson, and I am a member of Atlanta Track Club's Elite Team as a middle distance (800m and 1500m) specialist. Additionally, I also work for Atlanta Track Club as a Kilometer Kids Program Coordinator focused on family engagement and elite athlete involvement. My passion for supporting youth stems from a belief that my journey through the sport has granted me an opportunity to serve the younger generation by exposing them to the benefits of running. My background is in mental health -- I studied psychology in school, worked at a mental health clinic out of college, coached high school cross country, and spent my time during the pandemic thinking about ways to counter the negative mental health impacts of the pandemic on kids through running.

The Kilometer Kids program's primary objective is to strengthen the health of the Atlanta community by providing youth access and opportunity to engage in physical activity. Furthermore, the program is designed to empower youth to form healthy habits and develop strong social and emotional skills. In the end, our goals are to impact our participants' engagement in physical activity, growth in social and emotional development outcomes, and exposure to the sport of running.

Now that you understand our mission, we turn our attention to you…

  • What do you want your kids to get out of the program?

  • Why did you enroll them into Kilometer Kids?

We hope that as you reflect on these questions you will find opportunities within our program that align with your families needs and goals. Whether you want your kid(s) to move more, or you are looking to get your whole family involved with running and walking, we are excited to help facilitate that process. Thank you for joining us on this journey! We look forward to another Kilometer Kids season ahead.


-Sadi Henderson, Professional Runner (Atlanta Track Club Elite) & Program Coordinator - Kilometer Kids, shenderson@atlantatrackclub.org