Pace Teams

Why should I run with the Atlanta Track Club pace team?

Running with a pace team is one of the most efficient and fun ways to run an event, especially for first-timers or runners trying to achieve a specific goal finish time. The Atlanta Track Club Pace Team is comprised of experienced runners who are familiar with the course and can help you reach your goal. Atlanta Track Club has pace leaders for the Publix Georgia Marathon and Half Marathon in March and Thanksgiving Day Half Marathon in November.


  • What pace group is right for me?  The best guide to determine your ideal pace will be your recent race history, training and personal knowledge of your own body. You can also base your pace off your recent training runs. To determine your pace ask yourself, “What pace were you able to run your longest training run in?”
  • Do I need to sign up for the pace team? We recommend that you sign up to run with the pace group at the pace team table at number pick-up prior to the event. You will be able to pick up a pace team bib at the pace team table, meet the pace leaders and ask questions.
  • What if I was assigned to a different start corral? Your pace bib will override your corral assignment and allow you access to the associated corral.  Make sure to attach your race number on front and your pace bib on back.
  • Can I switch pace groups race morning? Yes, and you can even switch mid-race if you choose to do so. The pace team leaders are merely guides to help you achieve your finish time goal.
  • Is there a cost to participate? No, all registered race participants are welcome to run with the pace groups. Just be sure to sign up and get your pace bib at packet pick-up.
  • What pace per mile will we run? The pacers plan on running even splits throughout the race. Not every mile will be perfectly even, but the pacers will adjust as necessary each mile to make sure they stay as close as possible to maintaining even splits. By running even splits, the pacers accommodate as many runners as possible and help avoid going out too fast.
  • Are we going to go right out on pace? The first mile is often crowded and usually slower as a result. The pacers will try to take you out on pace, but if they are slowed down they will gradually adjust the pace over the next several miles to get back on the goal pace. Whatever happens, they’ll make sure you don’t go out too fast.
  • How do I meet up with my pace team on race morning? On race morning, pace group leaders will be holding large signs with the specific finish times. You’ll want to find the pace group that you signed up with and stand with them in the appropriate start corral. Please note that if you are planning on running with a pace team, you must attach your pace bib to your back. Pacers will also be wearing shirts that say Pace Team on them.
  • Will we walk through the aid stations? The pacers may slow down to grab water or other nourishment but will probably not walk through the aid stations.
  • Will there be walking breaks? The pacers will be focused on maintaining even splits in order to accommodate as many runners as possible. However, you may use any method that works for you. Use the pacers as a guide for your overall pace.
  • Do I have to stay with the team the whole time? Absolutely not! Listen to your body and use whatever method works for you. You don’t need to run even splits to use the pace group as your guide. If you become injured or ill, please seek aid or assistance from volunteers.
  • Are the pacers going to run the entire course? Yes, the pacers will run the entire race with you.

What pace groups will be offered?

  Marathon Pace Teams      Half Marathon Pace Teams  
3:30 1:30
3:45 1:35
3:50 1:40
4:00 1:45
4:15 1:50
4:30 2:00
5:00 2:15
5:30 2:30
6:00 2:45
6:30 3:00, 3:15