Road To The Final Four Miler

Road To The Final Four Miler

Do you dream of being a Power Forward? Or maybe a Point Guard or Center? Or maybe you have no idea what that means. No matter your feelings about basketball, March Madness is on the way, and what better time would there be to get involved in all the action! We've put together not one, but two road races for you to score! Start & Finish on the half court line at Rock Creek Park in Dawsonville. Participants will head out the door to run the race and then return to Finish at the half court line; and that's not all! As you cross over the Finish, you'll even have the opportunity to SCORE! We'll toss you a ball & you can make your shot!; not required. You can throw it from downtown for a three pointer, dribble and hit it from the free throw line, finish a layup, or if you have it in you; SLAM DUNK! WAIT...THERE'S MORE! You can run the 4K or the 4 miler...or...Run them both and complete the Shoot the Hoop Challenge! The 4K will start at 8 AM and the 4-Miler will start at 8:30 AM so you'll need to be back before 8:30AM to start the 4-Miler. All Participants will receive an amazing sleeveless or tank (perfect for the new warmer weather AND it goes with the whole basketball theme). Shoot the Hoop Challenge participants will also receive a one-of-a kind Shoot the Hoop Finisher Spirit Towel. Awards for both individual Events and a Finisher Trophy for the Shoot the Hoop Challenge! Don't forget to grab your friends because the Fastest Team of 5 will win great team awards as well.

Date & Time

  • April 1, 2023


  • Road to the Final Four Miler