Atlanta Track Club Seeks Olympic Marathon Hopefuls

ATLANTA - June 8, 2018 -- Atlanta Track Club Elite is looking for marathoners to help chase their Olympic dreams in the marathon as part of the Club’s goal to send at least two athletes to the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Coached by Andrew Begley and 2008 Olympian Amy Begley, Atlanta Track Club Elite has already qualified six athletes for the 2020 U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Marathon, but hopes to have an even larger contingent when the Trials take place on February 29, 2020.

Atlanta Track Club Elite is the competitive arm of Atlanta Track Club, the country’s second largest running organization with more than 29,000 members. Atlanta Track Club will serve as the Local Organizing Committee for the 2020 Trials in Atlanta, giving Atlanta Track Club Elite athletes the chance to see the course and conditions up close and personal every day.

Atlanta Track Club Seeks Olympic Marathon Hopeful“I think it will be a huge advantage for our athletes,” said Andrew Begley. “We’ll have the chance to regularly practice on the course, understand the conditions, and really get a feel for the race beforehand.”

Atlanta Track Club Elite was formed in 2014 and has slowly built a name in the professional track world. The Begleys focus is primarily on middle distance and on the marathon, and they’ve succeeded in building a team atmosphere with a group of hard-working athletes dedicated to the sport. In addition to the time on the track, Atlanta Track Club Elite also prioritizes developing skills off the track, offering opportunities to coach, write workouts, and work with youth in the metro Atlanta area.

This, coupled with a steadfast dedication to chasing running dreams – no matter how unlikely – has been the hallmark of Atlanta Track Club Elite’s success in recent years and is a guiding philosophy for the Begleys.

“We’ve had runners come to us who walked on to their college teams and will now be competing at the Trials,” said Andrew. “We really believe deep down in unlocking the full potential in every athlete, and we believe we can provide the home, training, and environment necessary for any athlete competing at the Trials to succeed.”

Athletes who do join Atlanta Track Club Elite will receive sponsorship from Mizuno, along with other benefits and support to facilitate a dedication to running full-time. To see more information and view the full job posting on Atlanta Track Club’s website, click here.