Becoming a Runner: Never Too Busy to Workout

ATLANTA – February 8, 2017 –Atlanta Track Club Intern Shana is taking up running and walking for the first time. In an attempt to get fit and lose weight, she has joined Atlanta Track Club’s Spring 5K In-Training program and is participating in a 12-week meal plan with Good Measure Meals. This is her weekly update on her training.I must say I’m loving the person I’m becoming! While sometimes it seems like progress is coming slow, I can feel and see the changes right before my very own eyes.  I thought the hardest part was taking the first step, but now that I am in the swing of things, maintaining this lifestyle with a hectic schedule is actually the hard part.  I’m a person who values sleep over lots of things (my friends can vouch for this). So waking up early to get a workout in is tough and annoying, but working out at the end of a day is even more challenging because by the time I get home I’m ready to eat, shower, sleep; in that order. But I’m determined to make it work. Life comes at you fast, but I value the strides that I’ve made and at this point, I won’t allow myself to not at least try to make it work.  For example yesterday, I broke up a what would be a long day with going for a walk before lunch and managed to get in 2 miles!  What you think is the impossible is actually possible, if it is that important to you.