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Team up with Kilometer Kids

Atlanta Track Club's Kilometer Kids is a free, game-based running program designed to get kids ages 5-14 active! The Kilometer Kids mission is to promote a healthy and active lifestyle to area youth through a running-based program, empowering children with the knowledge they need to make smart lifestyle choices.

The program launched in 2007 with one location serving 38 kids. Kilometer Kids has grown significantly and now impacts thousands of children each year in the Atlanta region and beyond. The program is funded by Atlanta Track Club, private donations, grants and community partners. Kilometer Kids is an official charity of the AJC Peachtree Road Race.

Contact us to start a team at your school or community organization. Registration for the fall season opens on August 3.

While the overwhelming majority of Kilometer Kids programs are associated with specific schools, community organizations or churches, given the COVID-19 related changes to the school year, Atlanta Track Club is offering an at-home version of Kilometer Kids! Tailored for the challenges families are facing during the pandemic, see below for more information on what the program contains. Registration for the fall season opens on August 3.

  • Date & Time

    Spring & Fall Semesters

  • Location

    Bring it to your school, neighborhood, church or home!

  • Event Swag

    • Singlet
    • Shorts
  • Cost

    • FREE

The Site-Based Program

Whether you are a school teacher looking to start an after-school program or a parent who wants to get neighborhood children running, the free 11-week program is a great way to get started! A few of the site-based program features include:

  • Free access to curriculum including training plans, running games, a coaches' message board, coaching orientation, mileage tracking tools and much more
  • A volunteer-led, team environment to build community and camaraderie
  • Support, consulting, and mentoring by Atlanta Track Club staff, elite athletes and veteran Kilometer Kids coaches
  • Incentives for participants to reach their goals of at least 13.1 and 26.2 total miles
  • Flexibility for parents, teachers and site coordinators to begin the program in the fall or spring and meet on the days and times that work best for them
  • Opportunity for participants to compete in fun, free, midweek runs and other Atlanta Track Club youth running events
  • Engages children of a wide range of ages and abilities in a healthy, fun, non-competitive lifelong activity
  • Opportunities to earn grants and practice equipment for your team

To register a team, sign up here.

The At-Home Program

COVID-19 has created unprecedented challenges for families and young people. Getting kids active without a P.E. class or organized sports team can be difficult. Atlanta Track Club is here for you and your family! The free 11-week program is a new way to get kids moving. A few of the at-home program features include:

  • Free access to curriculum including training plans, running games, and entertaining, instructional videos delivered through a weekly newsletter
  • A photo wall for participants to celebrate their accomplishments throughout the program and to see others' progress
  • Flexibility for parents and guardians to practice on the days and times that work best for them and their children as they work toward 13.1 and 26.2 miles or more!
  • Opportunity for participants to compete in fun, free, midweek virtual runs and other Atlanta Track Club youth virtual running events
  • Engages children of a wide range of ages and abilities in a healthy, fun, non-competitive lifelong activity

To register, sign up here.

Our Goal

Kilometer Kids seeks to create lifelong runners, instilling in participants the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle. Through the program, kids learn that exercise is a fun and rewarding activity, opening the door to physical activity to become a lifelong habit.

To learn more about the program or how to get involved contact us.

Team Registration

If you are a participant that will be in a site-based program, please use the following links to register directly for your school or community organization's team.

Centennial Academy
EPIC Homeschool Running Club
Huntley Hills Road Runners
Kubes Kilometer Kids Club
Teasley Elementary School

Parent Questions

I would prefer my child to join a team. Is there a Kilometer Kids host site near me?

  • Click here for a map showing previous Kilometer Kids host sites
    • Because some sites only host Kilometer Kids intermittently, not all sites listed are necessarily active programs for this season
    • Most school teams are limited to children attending that school. So, please do give your child's school an overview of the program!
  • If you would like to join an exisiting team, please contact the host site and/or coach prior to completing registration. Participating teams schedule their own meeting times and dates and may have restrictions on the maximum number of participants.

My community or school does not have a Kilometer Kids team, can we participate as a family?

  • Yes! You can register and participate in the program as an individual and track your child's mileage and participation. Atlanta Track Club will deliver weekly newsletters with explanations of the games and activities, health and wellness lessons, insights into the lives of professional runners, and more to help you or another adult facilitate the program.
  • You can register your child individually here.
  • If you are interested in bringing Kilometer Kids to your school or site, let us know! (

When does the Kilometer Kids program begin and end?

  • The fall program begins approximately the first week of September and ends in November
  • The spring session begins approximately the first week of March and ends in May

How often should Kilometer Kids sessions be held?

  • In order for kids to achieve their mileage goals, the suggested schedule is two 60 minute sessions per week for 11 weeks
  • Kids will need to "average" 1.25 miles per session

Does the Kilometer Kids program have an age limit?

  • All kids ages 5-14 can participate on a Kilometer Kids team
  • Events in the Youth Running Series are open to all ages 14 and under

Who supervises the program?

  • Individual Kilometer Kids sites are responsible for providing volunteer program supervisors or coaches
  • If participating as a family, you are the coach! Don't worry, you don't need experience and we will guide you week by week through the program.

What costs are associated with the Kilometer Kids program?

  • There is no cost to host sites or participants, but donations are welcome to assist in the administration of Kilometer Kids programs across the Atlanta area.

Start a Team

What does a school or group need to do to start a Kilometer Kids team?

  • Find a place to practice and make sure you have permission to use the space
  • When registration opens, please register as a "Coach" and list your school or program site during the registration process. Then, we'll send a confirmation email with more information on how to get the program up and running
  • Complete the head coach background check immediately after registering
  • Make sure all participants and assistant coaches also register before the first practice
  • Let us know when everyone is registered and arrange a time to come pick up your team's prizes
  • Get moving and come out to the races!

Coach Questions

Is the program flexible?

  • Yes! A typical team meets twice a week for eleven weeks each season. However, some meet once a week for 22 weeks, some meet in the summer, and some meet year round. Some meet in fields and parking lots, some in gyms, at schools, YMCA's, neighborhood associations etc.

Who can participate in the Kilometer Kids program, and is there a limit on how many kids can take part in the program?

  • All kids ages 5-14 can participate in the Kilometer Kids program
  • It is recommended we have at least 1 coach/supervisor per 15-20 kids. Some teams have 15 kids and some have almost 300

Who supervises the program?

  • Each Kilometer Kids host site is responsible for providing volunteer program supervisors. Atlanta Track club will pay for online background checks since many coaches are volunteers and parents not checked through the school
  • Plan to have at least two coaches, and programs with 15+ kids should plan on having one adult for every 15-20 kids
  • High school students qualify as program supervisors if they are working with another responsible adult, over the age of 21. At least one, if not all, of the program supervisors should be able to run with the kids

How are kids rewarded for participating?

  • Children are given prizes throughout the season for meeting mileage benchmarks
  • Typical prizes include a T-shirt, water bottle, pedometer, jump rope, etc.
  • We also provide coaches a game based running curriculum, provide participation prize money to the biggest teams at some events, and provide transportation money assistance to select qualifying teams

What costs are associated with the Kilometer Kids program?

  • Kilometer Kids is free for all host sites, coaches, and participants
  • The program is typically led by volunteers, but host sites are responsible for any program supervisor compensation

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