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The AJC Peachtree Road Race starts in Buckhead near Lenox Square Mall and ends in Piedmont Park.

Start wave assignments for the AJC Peachtree Road Race are performance based. During registration, all participants have the opportunity to enter valid results from a previous race within the established guidelines provided below. Start waves are assigned to participants based on the qualifying time submitted during registration. Participants who do not enter qualifying times are randomly placed in later start waves. This process ensures safety and efficiency for all participants with the fastest athletes beginning the race first.

In 2018, Atlanta Track Club partnered with Athlinks to automatically validate qualifying times and project athlete finish times. All participants who entered a qualifying time during the registration process were assigned start waves using this technology. After your time was validated for accuracy, it was converted into a projected 10K finish time for this year’s event. If you entered a time from anything other than a 10K, your time was converted into a projected finish time based off a series of algorithms. If you did not enter a qualifying time, or we were unable to validate your results, you were randomly placed in one of the later start waves.

Start wave assignments can be viewed in your race number confirmation here.  If you have any questions about your start wave placement, please contact [email protected]. We are unable to accept requests for start wave changes. If you registered after March 22 through a charity or promotional entry, your start wave will be assigned at a later date.

Start Wave Standards

Start wave standards are used as a guideline each year to determine wave placement. Start wave standards are determined based off the range of qualifying times that were submitted during registration. During the verification and assignment process, it may be necessary to adjust the standards from the previous year in order to accommodate the range of qualifying times that are submitted and the volume of runners within the physical space allotted. In 2018, start wave standards are based off projected 10K finish times..

2018 AJC Peachtree Road Race Start Wave Standards


Start Wave Placement Details

Below are rules and guidelines for submitting a qualifying time:

  • Participants wishing to be placed in the appropriate start wave will need to submit one (1) recent (since January 1, 2016) finish time from either of the previous two AJC Peachtree Road Races or any other USATF certified race - 10K, 5K, 5M/8K, 15K, 10M or 13.1M- at the time of registration. To check if your qualifying race is USATF certified, search here. If it is not certified, you will be placed in one of the last start waves.
  • Participants need to provide the race name, date and net finish time (chip time) at the time of registration. Your name must match exactly what is listed in the race results or your time will not be verified.
  • Participants who do not submit a time during registration will be placed in one of the last start waves.
  • Times will not be accepted or changed after registration has been submitted.
  • Atlanta Track Club will verify submitted times. If times cannot be verified or the time submitted is not from a USATF certified race, participants will be placed in one of the last start waves.